Expanded Polystyrene PS

Polystyrene and Foam Packaging

Product Ordering from Styrotech Ltd

The Order Process:

  1. We send you a credit application form, or you can fill it in now on-line . . . go to "Contact Us", and then the "Account Opening Form"
  2. It you wish to order a product, the first order is always pro-forma payment
  3. After that first transaction, then an account is opened for you.
  4. From then on, we’re happy to operate with normal nett monthly terms.

Advice on placing an order with Styro-Tech:

  1. Having taken your enquiry we’ll need you to tells us your packaging problems, i.e. for every 100 product shipments, how many get damaged, or where do they get damaged?
  2. If needed, we’ll either come out and undertake an on-site survey and analysis or we’ll collect the actual working item/damaged product (along with it’s original packaging) and bring it back to our design centre.
  3. Or you could send us a CAD drawing or sketch of the product, or packaging piece.
  4. We’ll then give you a fixed quotation, based on a unit cost
  5. If required, we will also do a fixed quotation for the design and development of a working sample, which depends on the complexity. (For our regular customers this is usually free.)
  6. Once the fee for the design and development has been agreed, and paid, you don’t keep paying over and over for the development work, we’ll work on it until it is ready to be run in volume.
  7. We’ll then make a working sample. Turnaround is normally 2 to 3 days from collecting your product to creating a working sample.
  8. We don’t tend to send out drawings. We tend to send you the physical item back, packed in an outer carton (cardboard box) for you to test. We always like to work with the finished items, rather than the drawings, because we can get a better feel and sense of weight of the job, as well as getting it positioned right within the box / packaging. It’s no good having all the weight at one end because the box could flip over and smash the delicate end, so we need to make sure the product and packaging is all well balanced in the right way.
  9. We’ll pilot a small quantity, 20 or 30, to try it through your packaging system, then we request that you send out a trial batch on your carrier, asking you to monitor and feedback on the results.
  10. Quotations for plain cut pieces, sheets, and every day void filling materials can be returned within 30 mins.
  11. The smallest order we will do is one, if you’re prepared to pay for it! There is also a set-up fee for single items. The set-up fee is normally absorbed if you order 500 units.
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