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Expanded Polystyrene ( eps ) is the the most Versatile and inexpensive packaging
medium available on the packaging market today.

Clean, Flexible and lightweight, Polystyrene ( eps ) is manufactured in a range of densities to suit most packaging and insulation applications.

State of the art cutting techniques are used throughout our manufacturing process. This guarantees
excellent tolerances and surface finishes across the whole range of polystyrene products we offer.

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General Information

Material Density Range Additives Type Application
Loose Fill Various Standard Recycled Expanded Polystyrene Low Cost, Packaging Void Fill for irregular Shaped items.
Polystyrene 10-40 kg/m3 Standard Fr Additive (BS3837 Part1) Expanded Extruded Cost Effective General Packaging, Insulation & Display

Expanded & Extruded Polystyrene's are available in a range of different densities ( 10 - 40kg/m3 ) . A light weight cost effective packaging & insulation material used across a wide range of industries and packaging applications. Flame retardant materials are available at no extra cost, and are manufactured to using flame retardant in line with BS.3837 Part 1.

Construction Grades

BS EN 13163
(new) grades*
BS 3873
(old) grades**
Physical Properties
Thermal Conductivity LAMBDA Value (W/mK) Compressive stress at 10% of deformation (kPa) Bending strength (kPa)
EPS 70 SD 0.038 70 115
EPS 100 HD 0.036 100 150
EPS 150 EHD 0.035 150 250
EPS 200 UHD 0.034 200 250

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