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Foam Case Inserts

Custom made Foam inserts manufactured and developed at Styrotech's foam facility are either bespoke design's which are designed and specified by our in house engineers or developed from your own specification.

For this type of high end re-usable product we offer a comprehensive range of high performance Closed Cell , Cross Linked Polyethylenes,our most popular type is Plastazote. Infinitely Re-usable , chemically inert , non abrassive , and water resistant.

Foam Case Inserts Foam Inserts Plastazote Foam Case Inserts

Plastazote is the favoured choice of material for case inserts and piont of sale applications, the vibrant colours and broad range of densities available make this an extremely adaptable material when combined with good design.

Examples of Uses for Foam Inserts

  • Field Engineers tool kit
  • Tote Trays
  • Multi Layer Case Inserts
  • Camera case Foam Inserts
  • Medical case Foam Inserts
  • Point Of sale Foam Inserts
  • Multi Coloured inserts for tool indentification
  • Manufacturing - Industrial Support's
  • Protective Transit case inserts
  • Tool case Inserts
  • Machine tool control inserts
  • Foam Shapes and Supports

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