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Styrochip is an environmetally friendly Polystyrene Void filler, commonly known as loose fill
or packing chips.Styrochip is a recyled Polystyrene loose fill which is manufactured from
off cuts of Polystyrene generated as a by product of our own manufacturing process.

Styrochip is widley used in packaging of irregular heavy shapes and is our best selling voidfill
because of its extremley low cost.This type of loosefill is extremeley light weight clean
and easy to use and store.If storage is a problem we can arrange regular daily deliveries
so you only store and use exactly what you need when you need it.

Big discounts are available for large volume orders, just call our sales line now to find out more
about this low cost loosefill, a cheaper alternative to extruded products.

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Why Choose Styrotech Ltd?

  • Low Cost , Packaging Void Fill ideal for packing irregular shaped items.
  • Big cost savings compared to other branded loosefill materials
  • Styro chip is produced from materials generated through our in house manufacturing processes
  • Supplied in large 12 cubic foot bags ( approx size 600mm diam x 1000mm High )
  • We carry the stock so you don't have to !!
  • Free Same day delivery ( up to 25 mile radius of our premises )

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