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Polystyrene Balls, 3D Shapes and Hemispheres

Styrotech manufacture an exciting range of Polystyrene Balls ,3D shapes and Hemispheres. Made from either natural or flame retardent polystytrene they are all hand finished to a high standard, available either plain, painted or coated to suit your display theme.

Black Hanging Polystyrene Balls Expanded Polystyrene Balls Polystyrene Balls and Beads

If painting is required we can colour match to your pantone reference using a water based paint in a soft sheen finish.There are two types of surface finish,either a hotwired machine finish or a hand sanded finish, our team will be happy to send samples of both finishes.

We off a range of standard sizes from 100mm - 1200mm diameter, with the option of standard hanging hooks on balls up to 600mm or special supports on heavier balls from 600mm through to 1200mm in diameter if suitable. Special one off items are also available, please don't hesitate to call.

Polystyrene Balls for Displays Polystyrene Balls for Stuffing Bean Bags Painted and Coated Poly Balls

Great deals on polystyrene balls

  • Standard or Flame retardent materials
  • Plain, Painted or Coated
  • Pantone Colour Matched
  • Hanging Hooks Supplied
  • Solid Spheres, Half Spheres or Special 3D Shapes
  • Competitive prices for volume orders
Black Hanging Polystyrene Balls Polystyrene Fruit Shapes Polystyrene Shapes

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