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Low Density Cross Linked Polyethylene (Plastazote)

Plastazote foam is a closed cell cross-linked polyethylene foam,within the range there are a large choice of densities and the unique polymer combinations available give increased stiffness and improved temperature resisitance. This makes for a superbly flexible product with wide applications accross the sports,automotive and re-usable protective packaging markets. There are a wide range of exciting colours as well as the standard everyday grades available in black and white. All grades are CFC and HCFC free.

Main uses include:

  • Protective Foam Case Inserts
  • Tool Control Inserts
  • Tote Trays and Industrial Supports
  • Multi coloured case inserts for easy identification of removed components
  • Perfume bottle inserts
  • Rifle case inserts
  • Foam targets
  • Foam Case Inserts
  • DVD/CD inserts
  • Dental case inserts
  • Camera case inserts
  • Tool caseinserts
  • Medical case inserts
  • Garden kneelers

Plastazote Machined Tray CNC Machined Plastazote Parts Tray Plastazote Foam Case Inserts Foam Tool Tray made from Plastazote Foam

General Information

Cross linked polyethylenes, very strong stable and chemically inert, used across a vast range of industries including sports, leisure high performance re-usable packaging, healthcare, toys, building, point of sale, tool case inserts.

Grade Standard Sheet Size & Thickness Available Colours
LD15 2000×1000x42 / 52 Black / White
LD18 1850×1000x35 Black / White
LD24 1500×1000x30 Black / White / Beige
LD24 2000×1000x30 / 45 / 50 White  / Black / Beige / Green / Red / Yellow
LD29 1850×1000x35 Black / White
LD29 2000×1000x52 Black / White
LD33 1500×1000x30 Beige / Black / White
LD33 2000×1000x30 Red / Yellow / Orange / Green/Blue / White / Grey Black
LD45 1500×1000x30 Blue / White / Beige / Black / Green / Grey / Orange / Yellow / Red
LD45 2000×1000x30 Blue / White / Beige / Black / Green / Grey / Orange / Yellow / Red

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